Getting Divorced? Here's How A Psychiatrist Can Help Your Child Cope

5 May 2018
 Categories: Relationships & Family, Blog


Getting divorced can be stressful on kids as uncertainty, confusion, and pain tends to enter the picture as the separation unfolds. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to help your child effectively cope with your divorce, such as hire a psychiatrist for them to work with. Here is how an experienced psychiatrist can help your child work through your divorce.

Provide a Safe and Unbiased Outlet

It's important that your child can share their feelings in a safe environment where they don't have to worry about hurting anyone's feelings or being judged by a loved one, and a psychiatrist can provide that atmosphere during each meeting. Your child's psychiatrist will offer a supportive ear and provide unbiased feedback based on the reality of a given situation opposed to the feelings that might be present.

Your child will feel comfortable sharing feelings and thoughts that they wouldn't feel comfortable sharing with family members, so they have an opportunity to work through their feelings and come to terms with any situations that they don't have direct control over. You can rest assured that any guidance provided by the psychiatrist is in your child's best interest and that of the family as a whole.

Teach Effective Coping Techniques

An experienced child psychologist will use a variety of custom coping techniques, such as play therapy, to help your child work through their feelings about your divorce and any other issues that they might have. Many of the techniques your child's psychiatrist introduce during sessions with your child can be utilized at home.

And the psychiatrist should be happy to teach you the techniques, so you can support your child at home when they want to use them. In fact, the entire family can learn and implement special coping techniques at home that are taught by the psychiatrist which should help everyone most through the pain and uncertainty that your divorce may stir up as time goes on.

Encourage Positive Family Communication

In addition to working with your child one-on-one, the psychologist you choose to work with should also be able and willing to work with one or two parents or the whole family in their office to encourage positive family overall communication as your divorce unfolds. Problems that involved you and your spouse can be addressed in a professional setting where emotions have to remain calm and in check.

Your child will have an advocate to ensure that they're heard by your and your spouse, and you'll have a guide to help ensure that you properly support your child. Consider scheduling one appointment for your child and each parent, and one appointment for the whole family between your child's regular sessions. For more information, contact a specialist like Linet Les today.