The Steps Toward Adoption

28 July 2020
 Categories: Relationships & Family, Blog


One of the most common questions that flash across a pregnant person's mind is, "Should I choose adoption?" For many people, adoption is the best choice for both the mother and the child.

Of course, making this big decision requires a lot of information. What is the process like? Will you be able to handle it? This is what you need to know about choosing adoption for your child. 

Remember: You Are In Control

It can be hard to remember at times, but you are in the driver's seat of your adoption process. While there may be a time limit on your pregnancy, you should not feel like you have to rush through your decisions. It is safer to take time to think through each step rather than to make a decision you may regret later. Take your time.

Think About What You Want For Your Baby

It is important to think through each of the things you want for your child. You get to make several parenting decisions in the days, weeks, and months leading to the adoption. What kinds of parents are you considering for your child? How much contact or experience do you want to have with the baby and in the coming years?

Choose Parents For Your Child

It is helpful to begin looking at profiles of adoptive parents early on. Even if it takes you a while to choose parents, you have many ways to find ones that you think will be the right fit. You can ask for profiles that fit specific criteria to help you minimize the profiles you look through.

Create An Adoption Plan

Along with an adoption counselor and others you trust, you can create an adoption plan that is good for you and your child. You can choose how long you spend with the child and what you want your labor and delivery to look like.

Sign Paperwork

After your baby is born, you will sign legal papers that give the new parents rights to the child. In doing so, you will relinquish your own parental rights. This can be an emotional moment, and you may find it helpful to have support on your side.

Speak With An Adoption Counselor

An adoption counselor can walk you through the steps you will undergo. He or she will also provide you with details about the process so that you can create a plan that you are comfortable with. The process may be simpler than you think.

To learn more about how to place your baby for adoption, talk to an adoption service.