What Are The Alternatives To Abortion?

24 November 2021
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An unexpected pregnancy can be overwhelming, especially if you're young and don't know how to deal with the situation. One of the decisions you may make includes terminating the pregnancy safely. However, abortion isn't always a good option for everyone, and you may decide to continue with your pregnancy. If you're not considering abortion, here are some abortion alternatives to consider.


Adoption entails giving birth to a child but giving another individual or couple full rights to your child. For instance, your child takes the individual's surname and even earns rights to inherit their property. The different adoption options include:

  • Open adoption. This adoption allows you to remain in contact with your child's adopted family. You can communicate via letters, calls, and regular visits. Additionally, this adoption encourages the child to reach out when they attain a certain age. However, you should discuss the adoption terms beforehand to avoid issues.

  • Closed adoption. This adoption cuts down any ties between you and your child after adoption. The adoptive family may decide not to inform the child about the adoption or disclose this information when the child becomes an adult. 

  • Direct placement adoption. This allows you to select the adoptive family for your child with the help of an attorney.

These abortion alternatives can be good for your child if you find the right adoptive families.


Even though you didn't plan a pregnancy, you may consider raising your child. Parenting may have its fair share of challenges, including financial demands, but you get to keep your child. The different types of parenting are:

  • Single parenting. If the other parent doesn't want to be in a child's life, you can become a single parent.  Single parenting can be challenging but gets easier with support from friends and family.

  • Co-parenting. If you're not in a relationship with your child's father, co-parenting can be a good option if the father wants to be in the child's life. However, both parents must decide to work as a team to raise the child well.

Parenting ensures that you remain in your child's life and do your best to raise them.

Legal Guardianship

Guardianship entails placing your child under the care of another person, but you keep some parental rights. For instance, you may have a say in making some decisions in your kid's life. This is an excellent option if you can't raise a child at the moment but may want to raise your child in the future. Generally, relatives and friends are good guardian choices. However, involve your attorney in the guardian selection process for good decision-making. 

The common abortion alternatives include parenting, adoption, and legal guardianship. Consider these options.