Ways To Fill The Void In Your Life After Giving Up Your Child For Adoption

6 March 2018
 Categories: Relationships & Family, Blog


Even if you know that the best course of action when you're pregnant is to give up the child for adoption after you give birth, there's no denying that you may feel a void in your life. Some people will deal with this void by waiting until they've fixed whatever issue in their life led to them giving up their child for adoption, and then have another child whom they plan to keep. If you've recently given a child to a new family and don't feel any urgency or desire to have your own child, there are some healthy ways that you can fill the void that you might feel. Here are three suggestions.

Sponsor A Child

It's common to experience a flood of maternal instincts, even after giving up your child for adoption. One step that you can take is to sponsor a child through an international program. You may not feel ready to parent a child, and you don't have to with sponsorship — instead, you send some money to the organization and, in return, get to see photos and updates of how your money is helping the child. You may even be able to correspond with the child through written messages, which can help to satisfy the void that you're feeling after giving up your own child for adoption.

Volunteer With A Youth Organization

Another strategy to consider is to volunteer with a youth organization. Your personal circumstances have to be right for doing so. For example, if you chose to give your child up because you're struggling with drugs or alcohol, joining a youth organization probably isn't the right move until you get help for yourself. However, if you chose adoption for a different reason and feel that you could be of value to local youths, helping out in whatever capacity interests you can help to fill the void that you may be feeling.

Be More Active With Nieces And Nephews

While spending time with your nieces and nephews might not be the same as raising your own child, making an effort to be around these family members more can be valuable for you. It will help you to fill the void in your life that you're experiencing, and it can also strengthen your family bond. You may eventually notice that you feel so close to your nieces and nephews that you don't wish to have a biological child.

Contact an adoption agency to learn more about your options when placing a baby for adoption.